Hunter vs. hunters

Ernie Hudson, who plays Winston Zeddmora in the first two films of the franchise “Ghostbusters“, Shared with journalists Telegraph his thoughts about the prospects for the coming trikvela.

Two days ago confirmed the information that in the center of the plot of the third part will be the women’s team ghost hunters. Ctsenaristkoy project was appointed Katie Dippold (“The Heat”) and director Paul Feig announced the start of casting “hilarious actresses“And he did not hide that trikvel will reboot the franchise.

I learned that they were preparing a full reset, but the project will not have anything to do with the first two parts, – I said, Hudson. – If you erase all history and we created type in the cast of only girls, by what right do you call this movie "Ghostbusters"? I love women. I hope that the actress will be able to be funny. If you fail to amuse the audience, let the protagonists even be attractive. I do not mind to add to the main cast of women, but it seems to me a bad idea to make the team only because of the fair sex. I do not think fans of the franchise are eager to see this movie“.

Perhaps they will be able to disprove my words, – Added Ernie, – but I still think that you can not shoot a new film without the involvement of hunters“.

Studio Sony trikvel expects to release in theaters 2016.

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Miss Marple is back in business

The journalists Variety share information about what channel CBS, only recently started to work on the series of Nancy Drew, decided to create a TV show about another lover of riddles – Miss Marple.

The project was named “Marple” (Marple), And the script for him writes David Uolstenkroft (“Ghosts” /Spooks), Which will also take over the functions of executive producer. In addition to his team of curators of the project will include Hilary Strong of companies Agatha Christie Ltd. and Matthew Pritchard – grandson of the writer Agatha Christie, created the iconic character.

It reported that in the middle of the show would be a young Miss Marple. From his grandmother he inherited character bookstore, but she realizes that simply vegetate in his native town in California. Then she decides to take private investigation to find out the secrets that hide the locals.

Miss Marple It became the central character in 20 novels and 12 short stories Agatha Christie. Curious old, namely it is presented in such original works, stayed on small screens from 1984 to 1992, when the channel BBC out telefilms-film adaptation of novels Christie. While the role of Miss Marple He sang Joan Hickson.

Later, their own version of investigations Miss Marple He presented another British channel ITV, and he lasted six seasons of the series that appeared from 2004 to 2013.

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Ridley Scott will bring together the plot of “Prometheus” and “Blade Runner” ?!

The 4th of October on DVD and Blu-ray came out fi thriller PrometheusPrometheusRidley Scott. Together with the original film fans creativity British director got an intriguing frame with lines of personal records Peter Weiland (Guy Pearce).

Recall that Peter Weyland – owner of company “Weyland Robotics Division“And sponsor scouting expedition, which in 2091 went on the ship”Prometheus“I look for those who life began on Earth.

In a few lines of this diary, he talks about his mentor and mastermind, who was also involved in the creation of androids and synthetic life. The description of this man is very similar Endola Tyrell (Joe Terkel) – the head of the corporation, which in 2019 put experiments on cybernetic intelligence from another film of Scott – Blade RunnerBlade Runner“.

The similarity is confirmed by a number of quotations, which results in Weiland. These same words spoken Tyrell their genetic designer Sebastian (William Sanderson).

It seems that the way Ridley Scott is building a bridge between her two films, which can be a good ground for the sequel “Blade Runner” at 2014.

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Three Beauties for Affleck

New project Ben Affleck, crime drama “Night life“Begins to gain the actors and the staff behind the scenes. Self Affleck It will be answerable on all fronts: act as a director, producer and screenwriter, as well as play a major role in the film.

According to the information portal Deadline, as executive producers of the tape act Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Wolf of Wall Street”) and whose Carter (“Operation "Argot"”). The very same project will be based on the novel by Dennis Liheyna (“Shutter Island”).

The story unfolds in Boston 20-30-ies, during Prohibition. Joe Coughlin – Cunning son of a policeman, earning bootlegging. His business is booming, and dirty money flowing river, but soon Joe to decide who he wants to be: a good man or a gangster?

As for the cast tape, he was joined by three charming actress – Sienna Miller (“Casanova”), Zoe Saldana (“Avatar”) and El fanning (“Maleficent”).

Miller to play Emma – Woman hardened mafia, in which the protagonist falls in love with the very beginning of the story. Saldanha She got the role Graciela Suarez, with which Joe discover, when he was with his head submerged in the criminal world of the city of Tampa. Fanning It will appear in the image of aspiring actress Loretta Figgis – Sheriff’s daughter, who was in trouble.

The Russian premiere of “Night life“Scheduled for October 6, 2016.

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Casting: friend of the taxi driver and the master standup

Edition Entertainment Weekly confirmed information that Dan Aykroyd appears to be restarted “Ghostbusters”, shooting led by Paul Feig. The actor also shared news of their participation in social networks.

About what role awaits Aykroyd, not yet officially reported. However, there are rumors that he will play a taxi driver who says catchphrase from the original: «I is not afraid of no ghosts».

Recall that the hunters in the new version will be Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones has received many compliments from Aykroyd. Chris Hemsworth will play their secretary and Neil Casey embody the image of the main antagonist of the film. The premiere is scheduled for blockbuster July 22, 2016.

Known standup comedian Russell Peters (“Old New Year”) and Faison Love (“Newsboy”) starred in the comedy Friends and drugs, called Ripped. Also in the cast is listed Alex Meneses (“Mad Money”). Director’s chair project took Brad Epstein, who in company with Billiamom Coronel worked on the script. Details of the plot of the film makers prefer not disclosed.

Finally, Rafi Gavron (“Tracers”) has joined the cast of the picture The Land. The film tells the story of four teenagers who dream of escape from his native Cleveland and become a professional skateboarder. Gavron She got the role of the senior and most frivolous of the guys – Lovelace, who already has a child. The actor will be the company previously signed to participate in the filming of Moises Arias, Michael K. Williams and Jorge Lendeborgu.

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Casting: Wahlberg – a transformer, Kaskiani – to Pazientse

Actor Mark Wahlberg He confirmed his return to the franchise of the giant robot he played a role in the blockbuster, which will follow the film “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” Moreover, in an interview with Channel MTV Mark He said he did not mind to take part in shootings “More couples” new pictures from this kinoserii. And this despite the fact that there is still no news regarding the cast of the fifth or approval Bay the post of director. In August Michael and for a long promised to do away with “Transformers” and to focus on new projects.

Wahlberg It is known as a versatile actor who removed both in high-blockbusters, and in the dramas and comedies. In particular, he played a major role in the crime comedy “The blood and sweat: Anabolic steroids,” which Michael Bay I shot “for the soul.” Soon Mark It will appear on the big screen in the thriller “The Gambler” (premiere in Russia – January 22, 2015), And among the closest projects actor – comedy “The Odd Man 2” and “Daddy’s home.” In the last couple it will be Will Ferrell.

Michael Roark (“History of the dolphin”) James Maslow joined in the cast of the new film called Wild for the Night. Thriller directed by Benny Boom will tell you about singles who wants to atone for the sins of his past, trying to find the killers of his sister. The story will unfold in the nightclubs of Los Angeles, among fans of electronic music.

Tina Kaskiani play in the biographical drama “bleed for it,” directed by Ben Younger. The plot revolves around a world champion Vinny Pazientsy (its image embodies Miles Teller), who managed to recover after a terrible car accident. To participate in the project have already signed Aaron Eckhart and Katie Sagal. Details of the role Tina were not disclosed.

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New “Alien” will remove Neill Blomkamp

In its profile in Instagram Neill Blomkamp He announced that his next project will be yet untitled film franchise “Alien“. Earlier this year, director of the film “District №9» and “Elysium” has published the first concept art, and last week he said that the studio 20th Century Fox It can give a light green tape.

As the portal Variety, director and film company, have formalized their relationship. Producer functions will take on the creator of the original film – Ridley Scott. According to insiders, the action picture Blomkamp It unfolds after the events of “Prometheus 2”.

The world premiere of the continuation of “Prometheus” was nominated for March 4, 2016. According to rumors, the studio is having problems with the scenario of a science fiction blockbuster, which could lead to the postponement of the date of its release. While not reported, whether the return Ridley Scott in the director’s chair of the sequel.

Interest in the new “Stranger“Already expressed Sigourney Weaver, but its participation in the film has not yet been confirmed. The actress is familiar with Blomkamp for his work on “Chappie” on the set where the director and set about trying to create a new part of the famous franchise.

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DC goes on the offensive

According to Collider, in the hands of the famous Hollywood reporter Nikki Finke hit chart releases blockbuster studio Warner Bros., based on comics DC.

In 2016, the screens will come out of the painting “Superman vs. Batman: At the dawn of justice”, “Shazam!” And “Sandman.” The following year, are planned releases “Justice League,” “Wonder Woman” and a joint project with the participation of Flash and Green Lantern. Finally, in 2018 the premiere of the sequel to “Man of Steel.”

The information has not been confirmed by representatives studio Warner Bros. The official announcement of the company’s plans to be held at the start of next month’s Festival Comic-Con.

Earlier there were rumors that the film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice“I will not be a direct continuation”Man of Steel“And studio WB It is working on the adaptation of the comic book “Shazam!“.

The director and leading actor in “Sandman“Could be Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the image Wonder Woman incarnated on screen a contracted Warner Bros. three film Gal Gadot. It is reported that Ryan Reynolds in the role Green Lantern replaced by another actor.

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Michael Bay is ready to bid farewell to the “Transformers”

Each time shooting the next part of “TransformersMichael Bay He argues that the more it is in the director’s chair of the franchise will not return. That was before the shooting “Dark Side of the Moon” and “Age of extermination.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone filmmaker confirmed that the helm of the fifth, but again with the proviso that it would be his last film kinoserii.

“I’m going to take the fifth. I have worked on many projects, but "Transformers" still brings me great pleasure. I like to create a film that finally looks 100 million people. JJ Abrams says that only I would do that. But I’ve got to move on … Looking for one more, and quite “, – Admitted Bay.

Last spring Paramount and Hasbro We assembled a team of writers led Akiva Goldsman, whose duties included the creation of ideas, not only for spin-offs and prequels franchise, but also for the Fifth “Transformers”. As a result, he Goldsman had to take on the script blockbuster, but it is because of his employment could not find the time for this.

Now Ken Nolan (“Black Hawk Down”) and the duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (“Iron Man”) will take over the writing of the text for the fifth film. Also announced the return of Mark Wahlberg, executed in “Age of extermination” role Cade Jaeger.

The premiere of the new “Transformers” scheduled for 2017.

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The eighth “Fast and Furious” continues to search for director

Until the end of 2015 is still three months, and Universal Pictures already may feel triumphant. Films studio beat records one by one, and the “Furious 7”, “Jurassic World” and “Mignon” grossed more $ 1 billion each.

Undoubtedly, the bosses Universal want to see a continuation of the popular kinoserii such as “Fast and Furious“And the premiere of the eighth already scheduled for April 14, 2017. However, the publication The Hollywood Reporter we found out that not everyone in the preparation of the project is running smoothly – the film still has not found a director.

Contract director “Fast and the Furious 7” James Wan It was originally designed by three of the film franchise. But, after finishing work on the part of the seventh Van I made it clear leadership Universal, he prefers to do another project – the sequel to the horror “Spell.”

Studio supported the decision Wan and immediately appealed to the Justin Lin, guided the shooting kinoserii four parts. But also Lin rather “Fast and Furious” another, no less attractive offer – filmmaker went to the site of the blockbuster “Star Trek 3”.

The source reports that Van He refused to work on the eighth “Fast and Furious” not only because of the busy schedule, but also because of the fact that work on the earlier film was given to him very hard. First of all, because of the tragic death of Paul Walker, resulted in the processing of the script and additional shooting. Insiders also report that Wan there were conflicts with Vin Diesel, to control every detail. At the same time, officials from the actor and director denied this information.

But the fact remains – Universal so long and could not find a director for another part of one of the most popular of its franchises. Producer Neal H. Moritz on this occasion said: “We like to work with James, but it was not originally planned to lead the eighth shooting the film. At the moment, we are actively seeking talented director who is ready to work on this ambitious project as "Fast and Furious".

Among the possible candidates for studio bosses saw Jaume Serra, but he was busy. Some sources even suggest that he Vin Diesel can take on the responsibilities of the director, because the actor has already led filming short film “Bandits.” But according to other journalists, Diesel unlikely to want to take on responsibility for a major project.

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